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Why I love The Killing

First off this show is unlike any other detective/murder mystery show out there.

shows like NCIS or CSI aren’t bad quality. To me, these shows are pretty predictable. We know that the murder will be solved by the end of the episode. It’s just predictable and boring in my opinion.

I saw previews of the killing while watching the walking dead and I remember thinking ”not another detective show” but something about the previews made me curious. It didn’t take me long to get addicted to the show. 

I love that The Killing goes into the personal lives of all the characters slowly, Darren, Holder, Linden, Rosies parents, and of course Rosie her self. It showed that the victim was just another ‘average Joe’ Rosie was a high school student; had a bestfriend and an ex-boyfriend. she was a normal teenage girl that wanted to truly find her self. It showed that no matter how “normal” a family looks, they all have their secrets and problems. Everyone had a dark point in their past like linden going crazy over a case or Darren’s suicide attempt. Or that all characters made huge mistakes, like Stan being in the Mob. It truly showed the effects of losing a loved one. The toll it takes on every one especially when you’re too young to really understand whats happening, as how Roses brothers dealt with the loss.  

I REALLY hope they don’t cancel this show. It just amazing. 

littleayachan submitted this to me and I thought I should share it with you guys. I love this and hope to get some more soon!

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