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R.I.P. Rachel Olmstead a.k.a Bullet

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Linden is awesome



“Haven’t you wondered why you’ve never made Sergeant? I’ll tell you why. Because with 23 years of experience, all you’ve ever been is in the way.”

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Hey guys I am having a slight problem. I can;t get a good download and utorrent isnt working for me. If anybody could send me a download link that would be amazing.

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!!!! I hope you guys are as ready as I am! I do t have to work tomorrow so send me gif requests tonight during and after the episode.

The Killing returns THIS SUNDAY!!!!!

I am so excited for the show to return andI hope everyone else is too. I have been thinking about adding another person to help me run this blog. I work a lot now and I will have time for it and for gif requests and such but I thought I might need some help. If you would like to help and can: make gifs and graphics and have either helped run a blog like this before, love The Killing and are really just the right person the job please submit some of you work and tell me a little about yourself. I hope to hear from some of you soon.